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Vetsearch Feramo Vitamin Supplement


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Feramo is a concentrated formulation of all the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements required to maximise growth, performance, breeding activity and good health. Feramo is a foundation supplement to which other specific supplements can be added according to your dog´s needs.

Suitable for:
– All stages of a greyhound´s life
– Dogs in work
– Brood bitches & stud dogs
– General health & vitality

– Your dog will receive all the essential vitamins and minerals required for his particular life stage.
– Assists your dog in performing at his very best as he is not impeded by any nutritional deficiencies.

Why use Feramo?
Scientifically formulated to ensure maximum strength of the vitamins and minerals. High quality ingredients that undergo intensive quality assurance testing in a human pharmaceutical production facility. Australia’s first greyhound nutritional supplement now used around the world


450g, 1.5Kg, 3Kg

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