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Vetsearch Ironcyclen Iron Supplement


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ironcyclen liquid provides a source of iron and blood-building co-factors copper and cobalt, the three principal minerals for red blood cell and haemogloben production. It is a syrup, with sugar as a carrier, which ensures optimum absorption of its iron content.

Contains chelated iron that is easily absorbed
Contains blood building co-factors
Helps improve oxygen carrying capacity of the blood
Suitable for red blood cell production and haemoglobin formation
Ideal for greyhounds recovering from illness, injury or blood loss


Contains chelated iron aminoates
Iron is the principal mineral in blood cell and haemoglobin production and oxygen (aerobic) enzymes. IRONCYCLEN boosts low iron levels in dogs that consume chicken/fish or dry food diets.
The iron in IRONCYCLEN is an easily absorbed form of iron and kind to your dog’s stomach.


500ml, 1L

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