Turmeric with Calcium & Vitamin E 3kg

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Turmeric is widely used to give support to joints, skin, digestion and also the liver. Equine America Turmeric is not messy, ready to use and fully balanced.

This special blend of Turmeric is ready to use and fully balanced, and contains ingredients which as a result helps with maximum absorption.

The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin, which is specific phytochemical and is known for its:

– Anti-Inflammatory, it works by significantly reducing the inflammatory pathways in the body.
– Liver Detoxifier
– Anti-oxidant

Ingredients added for successful results; Linseed Meal, Calcium and Vitamin E.

The Turmeric has been blended with Linseed meal, Calcium & Vitamin E – Linseed meal contains the high oil (omega3 fatty acid) content to assist with the absorption of Turmeric.

This special blend from Equine America helps to disguise the smell as some horses do not like the odour and  may not eat when added to their feed.

Finally remember Equine America Turmeric is Ready To Use. Therefore no Mixing Necessary!!

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