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Osmonds Gutrite Probiotic Electrolyte 750g

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Osmonds Gut-Rite is an extremely effective all natural Bio-Probiotic product to help maintain a healthy digestive system. Gut-Rite contains Vetoxan® to help maintain a healthy digestive tract and Nutrimin® to remove any build up of toxins from the system and to slow down the passage of feed through the gut.
Osmonds Gut-Rite is a valuable aid to stock people when travelling, showing or selling livestock. It contains added electrolytes to help effective recovery.
Ideal for periods following stressful situations.


Vetoxan 21.000mg/kg
Sodium bicarbonate 25%
Dried yeast 25%
Dextrose 20%
Sodium 2.5%
Calcium 2%

Nutrimin to 100%
Does NOT contain any antibotic or chemotherapeutic substance

DIRECTIONS: Feed 0.5-2g per kg bodyweight as required dependent on severity of digestive upset. Maximum rate 25g.

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