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Peak athletic performance requires strong, healthy muscles. Ultra E provides a blend of Vitamin E and organic Selenium to ensure optimum muscle health and nutrition. Best used in conjunction with PerformAid.
Selenium and Vitamin E are the two major anti-oxidants which neutralise toxic free radicals. They work together to quickly neutralise these toxic by-products produced during the oxidation process. Selenium exerts its effect inside the muscle cells, while Vitamin E protects the cell membranes. Performance greyhounds require greater amounts of anti-oxidant nutrients in order to combat the very high level of toxic free radicals produced during intense exercise. Adequate quantities are not usually provided by feed alone, so supplementation of Ultra E would be desired

Ultra E is recommended for greyhound with challenging training and performance regimes, specially for the following issues:
muscle soreness
tying – up’
loss of muscle strength and stamina

1 scoop supplies 200IU of Vitamin E


400g, 1.2Kg

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