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Tuf Foot 227ml

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Use Tuf-Foot to toughen and protect your dog’s soft, cracked, sore and tender feet. It also aids in protecting paws and pads against bruises, blisters, bleeding and soreness. Tuf-Foot even acts as a fine healing agent for cuts and scratches, often with results in just a few days. You can also use Tuf-Foot to prepare your dogs paws for special occasions. Whether your dog needs to assist in the hunt, pull a sled, search through rubble, or just hang out in the yard, Tuf-Foot can help keep his paws and pads in excellent condition. Amber colored liquid. 7 fl. oz bottle. Made in the USA since 1935.


  • Use one to two times daily up two weeks prior to the event for which you are preparing. Afterwards, apply twice a week to maintain pads. Application rates and results may vary depending on conditions.
  • Contains no harmful chemicals, so it is safe for your dog to lick his foot after application.
  • May stain carpets or other fabrics. Apply and let dry in locations where staining will not occur.
  • Safe for use on all domestic animals and humans.Active Ingredients:Isopropyl alcohol, balsam peru, tincture of benzoin, less than 5% acetone.



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