Wafcol Greyhound Maintenance 15Kg


Carefully developed to provide balanced nutrition based on the needs of resting and injured greyhounds, Wafcol Performance Greyhound Maintenance is a premium, VAT free diet to help your greyhound maintain optimum condition, with a balanced blend of key ingredients to help him maintain peak physical condition.

Suited to all greyhounds that are either resting, recovering or bitches in season, Wafcol Performance Greyhound Maintenance has been carefully balanced to provide the right levels of protein and energy, helping your greyhound maintain ideal body weight and physical condition.  It contains a unique blend of oils, minerals and select vitamins to ensure your dog remains healthy both inside and out, promoting a shiny coat, healthy skin, strong bodily function and balanced energy.  It also contains added calcium promoting strong bones and teeth, increased glucose levels for increased energy, and essential amino acids to benefit your dogs performance.

A highly palatable, easy-soak recipe, Wafcol Performance Greyhound Maintenance can either be fed dry or soaked in water, with it soaking in less than 10 minutes.  It ensures balanced nutrition and a trusted recipe fed by top trainers, for an easily digestible, satisfying dinner keeping your greyhound happy, healthy and active.

  • Provides complete and balanced nutrition, tailored to the needs of resting or injured greyhounds
  • Part of the trusted Performance Range of Complete Foods for Greyhounds, fed by top trainers
  • The No.1 Greyhound food, manufactured by Wafcol with nearly 70 years of experience in feeding winning greyhounds
  • With key ingredients and balanced protein and energy levels, benefiting the health and well being of your resting greyhound:
    • Calcium promoting strong bones and teeth
    • Increased levels of glucose for increased energy
    • Key oils, minerals and vitamins helping to maintain peak physical condition
    • Yeast, a rich source of B vitamins for vitality
    • Essential amino acids, promoting peak performance
  • 20% protein
  • Easily digestible and extremely palatable
  • Easy soak recipe – soak in under 10 minutes in water

Composition: Whole Wheat Flour, Meat Meal, Soya, Bran, Chicken Oil, Glucose, Yeast, Vitamins and Minerals


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