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Cosipet Greyhound Polo Snood Burgundy Waterproof Coat


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This Waterproof Greyhound Polo coat is a superb all-round comfortable coat designed especially for Sighthounds, such as Greyhounds, Lurchers and Whippets and similar cross breeds. The coats are cut for a great fit with the sighthound shape in mind, it has a curved back and the coat is cut deep through the chest. The coat has a snood style neck which can be folded back into a deep turtle neck or pulled up over the dog’s head to provide extra cover. Not only will you hound look good but they will be kept warm, clean and dry on any town or country walk. The perfect treat for your dog or doggy friend!

This coat has a waterproof outer layer which is windproof, breathable and washable. The coat provides ultimate warmth with a double layer of thermal fleece whilst remaining light weight and is finished with an attractive trim and an adjustable easy fasten body/belly strap.

The coat is fully washable and quick to dry and comes complete with a lead/harness hole in the neck.

Made in Somerset Great Britain.


28", 30"

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